Disk Defragmentation – Get Rid of Disk Fragmentation and Regain Faster Computer Speed

Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in the computer hard disk and rearranges the files located on the disk, making pieces of each file stay close together and contiguously. Hence, it will be much easier to access to the file and speed up the computer.

But in our daily life, lots of people have never run a disk defragmentation during the lifetime of their computers. When noticing that the computer is running slow, what they always do is to find some very stuck methods trying to fix it, without realizing that the large amount of fragmentation on the disk may be the main reason for the slow computer, and they can easily regain a faster computer speed with a disk defragmentation. If you are crazy with your extremerely slow computer, please do not miss your computer, especially you are not so professional on computers.

When should you defragment it? First of all, we know that disk / file fragmentation comes inevitably when revolves with the allocation of the files on the computer. When it is impossible for the operating system to allocate a large enough contiguous space for a file as an unit, the file will be cut into different parts and put in the gaps between other files instead (usually those gaps come because they formerly held a file but now it was deleted or removed). The more fragmentation on the computer, the more time it will cost to reassemble all parts of the same contents together when trying to read/ write it. So to always regain a faster computer speed, it is recommended that you can defragment the computer weekly. But please defragment the computer immediately under the below circumstances:

1) When installing new programs or new version of the windows update on the computer.

2) When storing large amount of files/folders on the computer.

3) When there is only or less than 15% free available hard disk space.

In a word, it is very easy to regain a faster computer speed with a simple disk defragmentation.

But for more detailed information on how to quickly defragment your computer, I think you can get some useful tips here [http://advanceddefrag.com/blog/disk-defragmentation-get-rid-of-disk-fragmentation-and-regain-faster-computer-speed/]. Tried of your slower computer? It is time to run a disk defragmentation and regain faster computer speed right now.