How to Measure Return on Investment for Email Marketing

How to measure return on investment for email marketingHalf of email marketing agencies taking part in the DMAemail benchmarking study reported less than 40% of their clientstracking ROI. (Source: DMA Email Marketing Council)One of the main benefits of email marketing is its measurability. Itcan also be its down-fall- many marketers feeling like they weredrowning in simple metrics such as clicks and opens. This obsession onthese performance metrics cloud more traditional key performanceindicators (KPIs).58.4% of marketers within the Adestra “Challenges facing UK email marketers” survey []feel they that were unable to use the results of their campaigns instrategic decision making or for calculating return on investment(ROI). This hinders the development of their email program and feedsthe common perception held by many senior management that email is acheap channel and not a traditional, measurable direct marketingchannel.

With an over-emphasis on clicks and opens, many marketers are nottracking ROI. This is mainly down to the perception that they needcomplicated tracking systems and solutions. Costly web analyticspackages are being deployed in some cases.Many simple methods of measuring ROI are over-looked with manybelieving they need web analytics solutions that provide click streamtracking. Adestra recommend you consider simple, low cost methods ofproving your email campaigns are working before investing within suchconcepts. These can include:

Duplicate marketing pages to separate orders from email marketingSimply duplicate your marketing pages and direct all email promotionto this new page. All orders are tracked against a separate productcode (e.g. BSC001b) allowing easy revenue accountability at a lowinvestment. Effectively, your existing sales reporting tracks ROI!

Use priority codes to label orders to identify orders from your email marketingGet a customer to quote a priority code when ordering. To ensurethey give this code, we recommend you provide an incentive (perhaps adiscount or a complimentary product). Simple to action, this methodprovides considerable visibility.

Check for buyers in your email databaseUsing Adestra