Are Computer Components Reusable?

If you just purchased a new personal computer but it does not have all the components of your older personal computer, there are a few components that could be interchangeable. If you have the same manufacturer and your old computer is not from the most ancient of days, then you could utilize some of the components.

The most common computer components that are reusable include network cards and modems. An Ethernet network card can usually be reused in a new computer if the BIOS on the board still meet current network requirements. The same can be true for an internal modem especially one that is used for a dial up analog connection. Although most computers utilize digital connectivity and come with digital modems these are also sometimes supplied by your internet service provider (ISP) and are designed to work with a wide variety of computers.

Other computer components which can be reused are video and sound cards. If you have upgraded your old computer to include more powerful and fast video or sound cards these can sometimes be used in newer computers. In fact there are some video or sound cards that are more robust than those that come with any computer you purchase as a unit. People who are using extensive graphics software or play the latest computer games need higher powered video cards as opposed to those who simply use their personal computers for email or searching the internet.

Removable DVD or CD drives are other computer components that can be used in newer computers. Some hard drives can even be removed from your old computer and inserted into your newer computer, if there is an additional slot that will accommodate the hard drive. There are certain configurations you will have to change to add these types of devices but a technical expert can certainly assist you with setting up and configuring your new personal computer and determine how to best utilize your old equipment and components.

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