The Computer CPU is a Component of Your PC

Some people mistakenly refer to their main personal computer cabinet as the CPU when in fact the CPU is actually the central processing unit and is a component within the computer. There are multiple components that make up a personal computer which include the motherboard, central processing unit, hard disk drive and memory. These components are all included within a case that includes a power supply and several bays or slots to add other components if necessary.

It is not so surprising that people get confused about the difference between a computer CPU or a motherboard or a chip for that matter. Unless you are a computer technician you may not understand how all the various components fit together to form a personal computer. And even then some computer technicians do not completely understand how the computer and all the components actually work but rather they understand how to add software and other components to the computer.

Since most people only use their computers as an appliance to perform a task or play a game, they do really understand that the CPU is a component within their personal computer. They have become a user of the system rather than understanding the system itself. Of course this could be a problem if and when there is a problem with your system and you try to explain what is happening. While most people simply say their computer is “broke”, the technicians trying to resolve the issue will not understand the full extent to what “broke” may actually mean.

The other unfortunate issue that occurs is that when someone wants to purchase a new computer for whatever reason they sometimes go to a reseller and ask for a new computer CPU. Unknowingly the sales person will take you to an area where they may house their computer CPUs rather than the area of new computers. So it helps to call a computer what it is, a personal computer rather than a CPU, and to understand that a CPU is the central processing unit within the personal computer that performs the main functions.

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