SEM Vs SEO – What Are the Advantages?

Often users confuse SEO and SEM and use these terms interchangeably, ignoring the major differences in both the terms. The most used term among internet marketers SEO (search engine optimization) is an element of SEM (search engine marketing). An act of optimizing a website, SEO is used basically for natural and organic search engine listings and is among the most cost-effective functions of SEM.

On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing is an act of promoting your business via SEO (improving rank in natural listings) or through sponsored listings such as PPC. In short, SEM is a rather broad term. Whether it is an element such as SEO or the much broader functions of SEM, both the techniques can prove to be a great advantage if used in correct time and correct manner.

Some of the advantages of SEO and SEM are:


    Cost Effective: SEO does not demand pay for click/visitors you get that means you can enjoy benefits of being on top without having to pay for this, includes long term benefits, needs low ongoing maintenance fees and is best for the marketers on budget. The only expenses would be while hiring expert SEO services from a well known SEO company, which is very less as compare to paid ads. Trust: The organic listings of SEO are a trusted source of information, supposed to be indexed and unbiased entirely by the programmed method of the third party. Long Lasting: Even though the SEO techniques takes around 6-7 months to bring results but the results are long lasting and benefit the user for years to come.


1. Fast Results:Search Engine Marketing is the combination of PayPerClick and search engine optimization techniques, which makes it more appropriate for the marketers to get immediate results.

2. Direct Access to Target Market:SEM offers complete access to the target customers and a prospect to scale campaigns and follow them assertively.

3. More sales:The sponsored ads in SEM are known to drive more visitors to the site, which convert into more customers and higher sales, however demands higher investment.

Once you have developed your site, both SEO and SEM would be the major help in promoting your business. Since both the techniques are important and need proper understanding and skills, it is always beneficial to avail the SEM and SEO services of SEO and SEM experts from a reputed SEO company.

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