SEO Singapore – Do Not Believe The SEO Consultant During The First Meet Up

First thing I wish to highlight, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a rocket science. You do not have to be a PhD holder to understand the mechanism behind SEO. But SEO services can be very expensive because it involves laborious work which needs a lot of creativity, imagination and excellent writing.

There are many SEO Experts in Singapore, who guarantee top position. And yes, a small handful of them are very skilled. Whether you can identify the good ones is another matter.

It is fairly important that you do not have to believe in everything what a SEO consultant might say (at least for the initial meet up), invest some time researching about SEO guidelines from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search sites before making the decision.

Top 5 Statements you can pass to the garbage collector

We can guarantee you No. 1 positionWe have special relationship with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Search Live engines, we can perform a priority submitSetting Title tag, Meta tags values is everything about SEOYour search engine ranking requires only our one time SEO effortKeywords or keyphrases are not necessary in our SEO effort (Domain content is not relevant in SEO implementation)

Once you have understood the SEO fundamentals, and have talked to a few SEO consultants. You should be able to identify the better ones. In choosing your SEO consultant, sincerity and honesty are two important attributes. SEO development process usually takes a few months to complete and it is best that you are comfortable with the person delivering the service.

Say Kin Lee is the web strategist for a Singapore-based web services Company – Web Strategist BizEngine Private Limited Building Value-Assets on the Web