Which Search Engine Optimization Plugin is Best For WordPress, All in One SEO Or Platinum SEO?

If you want your blog to be more SEO friendly then adding a plugin can be of great benefit. SEO is search engine optimization, which means your website or web page are optimized for search engines. By making your web pages search engine friendly, you help the search engines know what is on your page.

How do I optimize WordPress posts?

This is where handy plugins like All in One SEO and Platinum SEO help. Since these two are very similar, you can read about All in One first. It is also one that more people use because it has been around longer. More people recommend it out of habit and you may already have it installed on your blog.

How do I use All in One SEO?

You can change the All in One SEO Settings by visiting the Settings tab on your dashboard. After installation this is where you will go to enable the plugin. You can add the description This will have various settings to adjust. Here you can add your Home Page title, Home Description, and related keywords. Since I am not an SEO expert, I recommend leaving the other settings as is.

What about on All in One SEO on my posts?

Once you are finished writing your posts or page, scroll past the publish all the way to the bottom. There you will see All in One SEO. Here you can copy your post title into the meta tile. Write a brief description of the material you covered. This is the description that you see when you type in a search. Next you want to type in words related to your post. The problem with Meta Keywords is that some search engines now ignore them. Too many people added keywords that were not relevant, so search engines started searching the actual article. Below that is a button to disable it on that page or post.

How is Platinum SEO different?

Platinum is in a separate box on the dashboard. You can change the settings in similar fashion to All in One. On your posts, you again will scroll to the bottom and add your Meta Title, Meta Description and keywords. There are boxes you can change beneath it, since I am not an SEO expert, and do not play one on TV I ignore these. Platinum SEO does not ask for a donation with every upgrade as All in One SEO does. More importantly, should I change a permalink, Platinum SEO will do an automatic 301 redirect, which helps search engines and my readers find what they are wanting.

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