Buying a Computer Monitor – Four Things to Consider

Computer monitors usually come bundled together with a computer set. If you have taken on the task of handpicking each component for your computer system, you will eventually have to decide on what computer monitor to purchase.

As computer monitors are now selling at more affordable rates, you can easily get a decent computer monitor at a reasonable price. Apart from costs, here are some things to weigh when buying a computer monitor.

* CRT vs. LCD

There are two types of computer monitors available in the market today. The older type is the CRT or cathode ray tube. The newer type is the LCD or liquid crystal display. LCD monitors are lighter and smaller than CRT monitors. If you are looking for portability, an LCD is the right computer monitor for you. LCDs are also great for the owner who does not have much room to spare on his computer table. If you are on an extreme budget, you can get a low cost CRT monitor.

* Screen Size

It is always better to have a computer monitor with a large screen size than one with a small screen size. With a larger screen, you can view more objects and compare several documents side by side. A large screen also makes it easier to manage several applications at the same time. A 19-inch monitor is currently the norm with many computer users. If you have some spare coin, you can get a larger monitor like a 21-inch or a 23-inch.

* Response Time

Low monitor response times are important for PC gamers and professionals who do heavy video editing. A high end computer monitor can have a response time of as low as 2ms. This means that it takes the computer 2 milliseconds to update screen images. Playing fast-paced computer games on computer monitors with high response times will result in image ghosting and blurs.

* Contrast Ratio

Similar to the monitor response time, the contrast ratio is only important for multimedia users. A high contrast ratio like 1400:1 will give you access to more color shades. A high contrast ratio is indispensable for the graphics editor who wants to differentiate between two very light shades of the same color.

There are many quality computer monitors to choose from. It is not difficult to find a computer monitor that fits your lifestyle and needs. Some popular computer monitor manufacturers include LG, Sony, ViewSonic and Samsung.

Article written by Jeffrey Frasco. For More Information on Computer Components take a look at Computer Knowledge For You.