Why Your Computer Slows Down – Detailed Instructions to Speed Up Your Slow PC As Fast As Possible

Do you know why your computer slows down? Which part of the system is most related to the performance of your computer? Actually, the Windows registry is the most important part of our computer system. If not maintained and taken care well, your computer can slow down with poor PC performance, along with many registry and Windows errors. Detailed instructions are introduced here to teach you how to speed up your PC and avoid your computer running slow.

To better understand why your computer slows down, you should know more about the registry. The registry is just like a library or database where the internal processes take place and where all your computer settings and applications information store.

When you want to launch a program, the computer needs to seek for the right information from the registry to execute your program, so that registry files that fully record all computer settings will be left over your registry. Meanwhile, the registry is known as the most important but delicate part for the computer. Therefore, you need to regularly check it up and cleaning it. The registry can be protected and maintained carefully in some ways to avoid your computer running slow.

* Reorganize your hard disks and delete useless programs or files.Your Windows registry may encounter some problems if the disk space is eaten out and filled with files. Along with some glitches or errors, your computer becomes slower and slower. Here are reasons why this happens. When you try to run programs or files, Windows need to link all the related files together in order to execute each program or file, while these related files are scattered all over the Windows. If your hard disk has not reorganized or defragmented for a long time, or if it is stuffed by too many useless programs or files, it can be very difficult for Windows to find the correct files corresponding to the program or file that you want to run. In this way, your computer may seem to respond slowly or even freeze sometimes.

To prevent this happening, you can run the windows disk defragmenter program after you delete all the programs and files that you do not need. This can organize all your program files in order, prevent Windows and registry errors and speed up your PC to get a high PC performance.

* Clean up spyware or viruses or any malicious registry entries. Your Windows and hard drivers can be compromised by Spyware and other malicious threats, so is the registry. The infections in registry can even make the whole system crashed easily. So the first defense to secure your computer and registry is definitely essential in order to speed up your computer performance. Remember to keep your antivirus program up to date. Moreover, running a registry scanner can also help clean up all the malicious registry entries left and hidden by spyware in your registry.

* Moreover, you need to run a registry scanner. This not only scans out errors and problems in the Windows registry, but also digs out any malicious entries hidden by spyware and malware.

Your registry cleaner can also delete the junk files and duplicate files from your hard disk, as well as removing all the unwanted, invalid, and corrupted registry files which have occupied your registry space. As far as you have resolved all these you can speed up your computer instantly and make it run like new again!

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