How to Make Money Online Using Internet Marketing Market Research

Intelegencia provide guidance for make money online using internet marketing market research. The market research brief is your tool for communicating your market research requirements to a consultant.

Market research may take many forms, such as surveys, focus groups, questionnaires etc. By clearly describing why you need the research, a market research company will be able to more effectively advise on the most appropriate form of market research.

The brief must provide as much information as possible. This enables contractors to accurately assess their ability to undertake the work and to calculate the appropriate costs. It will also guide them in undertaking the project.

This brief may require modification or adaptation to suit the requirements of a particular research purpose. However it is important to note that the key requirements of the market research brief are that it:

identifies research objectives, as distinct from project or communications objectivesidentifies what the research will be used to informidentifies the population from which the sample will be selectedcontains any information or insights that will assist the research process

Where a brief is prepared as part of the process of seeking quotations, it is recommended that it be accompanied by a Request for Quotation form. This allows you to specify exactly what you require from the consultant for this project.


The primary focus of our market research effort was to assist the PWS (Performance Work Statement) Team in determining performance standards. As such, we are benchmarking the proposed standards against industry equivalents in order to develop the most reasonable, attainable, meaningful, and cost-effective measures for both the service provider and the functions. The following table outlines proposed PWS standards against recognized industry equivalents and provides a comparative analysis to determine the optimal performance level for the function PWS.