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Cosmetic Marketing, especially in cosmetics marketing new products, there are many inflection point, which is critical turning point.

Example: when to pull, when to push? When combined with the push-pull? When to do cosmetics store, when should the business over from the cosmetics store to extend? When the reserve New? When the introduction of new rich product line? So.

Each inflection point, represents the market changes and turning. Can grasp the turning point of time, often determines the success or failure.

How to make cosmetics marketing inflection point, the U.S. cosmetics, such as the two principles:

First principle: to master the rhythm of marketing to promote a phase only do things one stage. For example, as rural Steak house sales pace, how to tear down the wall? How to promote? Take a thick stick of wood pushed. With a thick stick is not a tear down? No, the one time push, push each of the body force have been exhausted, to each push all the best. This wave after wave of rhythm to be good.

Rhythm of marketing is definitely an art. This step is passed, the next step when the start? Start late, you think your products to die; started late, which wave product has not yet returned.

Therefore, the marketing sense of rhythm, it is necessary to grasp the timing of marketing to promote, but to grasp the intensity of forward

Second principle: focus on a particular strength of a single point, pressure up to full strength, single-point breakthrough, successful, and then point to an area.

A cosmetics three network functions Regional market marketing practice cosmetics, cosmetic shops, supermarkets, distribution channels, the three pillars for achieving sales channels. Most cosmetics companies to enter regional markets, it also adopted a core channel first started, and then bring the two flanking channels strategy.

Cosmetics store channel emphasis on image building, heavy emphasis on cosmetics, consumer product recognition rate of increase;

Supermarkets channel emphasis on popular products, emphasis on the season and the festival a large number of sales, faced with a wide range of objects of consumption, consumption frequency is not high;

And distribution channels are biased towards the peripheral market, emphasis on low-end products, there is considerable emphasis on profit margins in the low end products.

Then, in the face of so many channels to choose cosmetics company which channels should start in the market? Tone to cosmetics shops are all channels to start it? Not necessarily.

Different cosmetics companies, different grades of products, it chose to start channel is not the same. In general, the high-end cosmetics and above, most choice cut into the first store from cosmetics; mostly middle and low cosmetics to choose from over cut into the business. In short, seize the high ground channel, which is listed on the principle of new cosmetics.

Then cut into the high-end cosmetics cosmetics store in the future, in what circumstances, the extension to enter the channel, namely supermarkets, distribution network expansion?

Second, how to grasp the turning point of the expansion channels