Web 2.0 Marketing Views That Matter

Web 2.0 is a business transformation in the computer industry as a whole. This transformation has been caused by a change in outlook of the Internet as a platform and as a result of an effort to comprehend the rules for success on this new platform. Web 2.0 is seen as a business that adopts the Web as its platform and uses its strengths to expand. These sites often include an extremely user friendly interface that is based on Ajax or any other rich media. Web 2.0 provides the next generation of marketing tools that function online to help businesses to use the power of the web to attract a target market.

Tips For Effective Web Marketing

The conventional methods of marketing are seen to be quite obsolete with the arrival of Web 2.0 marketing. The marketing ideas and notions which you earlier had need to be discarded and newer ones adopted in their place.

Creative Concepts To Help In Successful Web Marketing

* The audience is more important than the markets – In conventional marketing, markets are the main focus and the customers just happen to fall in place. But a Web 2.0 site is all about the audience. The people who visit these markets need to be enlightened and entertained. The main way to do this is by considering the visitors to your web as an audience rather than a market to pitch from week after week.

* Entertain your audience – Enlightening and entertaining the audience is a difficult task if the site itself is “dry” and lacks punch. Engage the audience by making a creative story and presenting it in a compelling way to the audience. Audio video presentations need to be used to effectively communicate your message to the target market. These are more powerful in creating an impact and are far more entertaining than boring text.

* Realistic communication – Your communication with the audience should be realistic and based on delivering the information in a way that is understood by them. Putting them to sleep with dreary keyword dense messages will only serve the purpose of filling up pages rather than communicating the intended message. The failure of most of the Web 2.0 sites lies in the fact that the marketing message they attempt to convey is unfocused and difficult to comprehend.

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* Concentrate on long term strategies – The memories of the target market being short-lived, one-time advertisements are generally considered to be a waste of time however interesting they may be. The audience prefers to be wooed with long term campaigns that deliver the message as well as relate your story. This requires long term marketing campaigns rather than one shot advertisements.

* Give importance to emotions and experiences rather than features and logic – The majority of users buy something based on their experiences and not based on the features of the product. Hence pushing the qualities of emotional marketing is always advisable rather than focusing on the logical aspects of the product.