Canberra Local Marketing Specialist Helps Businesses Get More Exposure

The Internet is a vast, open market that can gobble up local businesses, making them impossible for consumers to find. Marketing and advertising consultant John Pennay certainly understands this and he has found various methods that have helped to make businesses in the Canberra region more profitable by getting them more exposure on the Internet.

Pennay serves as an example of a specialist who has learned to utilize the power of the Internet when marketing and advertising regionally. There are four steps in this process¡ªmarketing, advertising, follow up and community creation. If each of these steps is fully utilized, then a business can not only succeed but it will exceed its expectations.


Marketing is about defining who you are as a business. It is your story and that includes the product you provide to your potential customers, how you offer your product and what makes your product unique.

Along with including your goals and describing your standards, marketing involves making sure people know why you run your business a certain way and to what you are dedicated. In essence, you want to separate yourself from other competitors. You do this, as experts like Pennay know, through marketing.


Advertising is how you get your story out to the people. It involves all of the various methods that you can use to contact the public and convert them into sales. The point of advertising is to use your dollars effectively to contact as many people as you can while using various platforms.

This involves utilizing many different forms of media, including:

? Television and radio ads? Print advertising? Your business website ? Business blog? Using social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg? Instructional videos using YouTube? Free article directories

If you¡¯re using the Internet, which any local business should, you want to ensure that you get the best possible search engine rankings you can. As those in the Canberra region have found, a premium advertising and marketing consultant such as Pennay can ensure that this happens through the proper use of various online marketing tools.

Follow Up

Marketing gets people¡¯s interest and advertising funnels your story to clients, connecting you with them. After that happens, as Pennay notes, follow up is essential. One connection with a person does not usually result in a sale, but a connection that is lasting can and does.

Once you¡¯ve got someone¡¯s interest, personal follow up is essential. A generic attempt at communicating is ineffective. Pennay has shown businesses in the Canberra area how to use various personal methods that help to solidify their connections with potential customer.


The Internet is about creating a community and local businesses that are able to do this can see their sales rise and their profits expand. Instructional videos, informative blogs and social media sites can all be used to develop a cohesive group of people who become your devoted customers.

Complete Service

Those in the Canberra area can call on a specialist like Pennay who offers complete marketing and advertising services. If you¡¯re a business owner trying to master these techniques, you will find the process time consuming and staying current on new trends and technological developments can divert you from your primary business goals. Local marketing and advertising gurus have proven to be premium performers who can get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively, getting you more exposure in your local market.