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Plush fabric in the textile industry in the emerging field of sound development in recent years to maintain the situation According to incomplete statistics the current domestic production of plush fabric over the enterprise in 1000 employed more than 20 million people but most businesses small scale annual production of 1 000 000 yards less than 100 enterprises br br Pearl River Delta development characteristics of plush fabrics br At present the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta has become the most plush fabric manufacturers intensive areas manufacturers of these areas are the main customers for the supply of products within the region Market in the Pearl River Delta Shenzhen and Yang Sheng Group Co Ltd and Nanhaihaixin two companies formed the first industry group while Sheng and Yang occupy 22 of the PRD market market share scale advantages and technological advantages highlighted br br Pearl River Delta with the leading companies in the raw materials weaving dyeing and finishing all links up to the professional and technical personnel well organized research the company greatly improved the level of production technology Shenzhen Sheng and Yang in particular aim at the industry 39 s most technologically Group Co a leading Japanese and Korean companies to employ their technical staff technical bottlenecks for dyeing technology research to obtain the leading position in the Pearl River Delta region basis br br High plush fabric industry with open low industrial concentration the characteristics of the industry 39 s most common small scale enterprises anti risk ability subject to relatively large fluctuations in the industry cycle short life cycle of most enterprises br br Plush fabric technology trends Pearl River Delta the main products of plush fabrics plush fabrics and other man made fur fabrics raw materials used to acrylic based products are mainly used to make soft toys artificial wool garments home textile products and sporting equipment etc the current gross toys velvet fabric predominant position After years of toy industry fully competitive market market has stabilized the upstream raw materials such as plush fabric demand is relatively stable br br Present plush fabric industry technology trends are flame retardant fabric requirements increasing the new flame retardant fiber position in the share of raw materials increased gradually Textiles around the world on fire every year of life and property losses caused by an alarming number difficult to estimate Therefore the developed countries including toys textile products including flame retardant properties of different degrees of mandatory quality requirements With the growing awareness of environmental protection the development of new dyeing and finishing materials has accelerated the use of the new addition to dyeing and finishing materials more good dyeing effect but also to more comprehensive protection of the fabric length strength flexibility abrasion resistance chemical resistance and other original performance As developed countries downstream products such as plush toys clothing etc with high environmental and health requirements and therefore produce toys clothing plush fabrics have corresponding requirements br br Plush fabric market has great potential br From the national market perspective the domestic market the demand plush fabric about 1 2 to 150 million yards from a production perspective a few large companies occupy half of the country Among them the Grand Horizon Group Co Ltd 22 million yards including Nanhaihaixin 6 5 million yards Cixi Zhejiang enterprises scattered pile capacity 2700 33 million yards Guangdong 39 s output accounts for about 33 million yards including Sheng and Yang company about 650 to 750 million yards accounting for about 22 of Guangdong market Now the market focused on the toy industry with the taking and automotive product development plush fabric with a huge market potential br br Toy manufacturing industry China is the world 39 s largest toy producer according to the statistics there are more than 8 000 toy enterprises employing up to 300 million production accounted for 75 of the global market Subject to industry funded enterprises and private enterprises their sales industry wide sales of about 65 of revenue br br Apparel apparel industry a good momentum of development thereby stimulating plush fabrics including textiles including intermediate goods industries With the rise of protectionism in the present animal and global lack of natural animal resources making their long haired alternative apparel fabric more and more into people 39 s lives br br Automotive textiles foreign auto decoration has been largely replaced with a textile leather According to statistics each car is about consumption of textiles 23 2 m about 15 2 meters per truck domestic vehicle population has exceeded more than 3 300 units while domestic car interior leather is mainly used in the rapid development of the domestic auto industry promotion auto textile products have broad market prospects