Types of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is also called online Marketing, Website Marketing-marketing or online marketing. It is the process of marketing of products or services through the internet. There are various ways of Internet marketing which are mentioned below:

? Pay per Click

In this type of marketing, advertisers pay to the search engines for click on their ads. When anyone clicks on the ad given by advertiser, then only one has to pay for his advertisement. Higher is ones bid will results the more chance of appearing ones ad on the first page. ? Marketing with Affiliates

In this kind of marketing a company hires other companies or websites which are called Affiliates. They ensure the responsibility of marketing of the product or services on behalf of the company. Affiliates are paid commission for their work. They may use banner or logos for advertising the product of the company for which they host advertisement. When the visitors click on the banner or logo, they are connected to the sponsor¡¯s site for which they are paid a commission.

? Search Engine Optimization

One of the ways to increase traffic through internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).When visitors types keywords in search engines related to ones product, he would be shown the list of various sites related to that product.SEO maintains ones site to locate on the first page of the most search engines which can attract more traffic to ones site. More traffic means more conversion of sales which can give good Return on Investment (ROI) and lead to increase in ones profit. SEO is the best option to increase traffic of your website. It is even profitable in the long run.

? Advertising through Banner

In this kind of marketing, advertiser purchases banner to get displayed on his website. Banners are purchased to be displayed on the website for a certain period of time and advertiser pays money for the same. Usually, banner marketing is used to divert potential traffic to the site. Again the result of the banner marketing depends on the website where it has been displayed. It may not attract prospective customer to view it.

? Auction through Internet

This is a type of marketing where one can put keep his product through online auction. Auction takes place in the real world in which various types of items are kept for selling. Seller fixes minimum price of the item. Buyers that are interested can bid for the item and can raise their prices also. Bidder with the highest price will receive that product. Buyers from any part of the world can participate in Online Auction.

? Public Relations through Internet

One can maintain professional public relations through internet .One can promote his product on sites like Facebook and twitter where one can manage his account professionally with their business associates. Public Relations through internet allow one to go beyond the limit of geographical boundaries. Moreover one gets an opportunity to make its link visible internationally also.

? Listing on Directories

This is type on internet marketing where one can place his site on Hellometro.com or Citysearch.com which act as Yellow Pages on the internet. As it is done online, it is cheaper than the other ways of internet marketing and so small-scale enterprise can also afford for it.

So Internet Marketing provides the seller with vast opportunities which they have never thought off before. Whatever one¡¯s Internet Marketing strategy may be but one should be sure of making enough sales which can cover costs done on Ads and generate profit too.