Three Steps to Make a Computer Faster and Stop it From Running Slow Again

Computers make our life easier and it makes hard tasks become lighter, making us more productive and efficient. If we need to do some research or we need to look for some self-help information turn to the internet. All these busy tasks makes us so preoccupied that we fail to notice that we are already neglecting the maintenance of our computers.

There are 3 simple and easy steps that you can do to make a computer faster and maintain its efficiency for a long time.

#1. I am as guilty of putting up fancy and animated wallpapers as everyone else, because they make such a good display on the desktop. The problem with these kinds of wallpapers is that they take up too much memory and CPU power and it may cause your computer to run slow because it greatly affects the operation of the computer. Change your screensaver or background to a simpler type.

#2. Delete temporary files regularly to avoid the pile up of useless programs and files in your computer. They could eat up a huge amount of space on your computers hard drive and can become the cause of why your computer runs so slow.

We tend to download and install programs that we use only for a couple of times and forget all about it because there is an upgraded version of it available and so we get the new one, leaving the old one still installed in our computer system or the temporary files installed by these programs lying about doing nothing on your hard drive. By running the windows disk cleanup program you can automatically get rid of all this and make a computer faster.

#3. Clean and repair your computers registry as it will slow down your system affecting its performance and cause it to crash as well. You can do this with the help of a reliable registry repair software. All you need to do is to download a free registry scanner which will find all the errors and then remove them with the cleaning tool and this only takes a few minutes to remove months or even a year of errors that have built up in your computer.

If you just follow the tips mentioned above, I assure you that you see dramatic changes in the way your computer responds and performs. Make it a habit to clean your computer, inside and out and keep it that way and this will make a computer faster in no time.

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