How to Speed Up My Computer Instantly? Read on to Know What Should Be Done to Upgrade PC Performance

There is no doubt that every computer needs some form of maintenance in order to speed it up. However there are some of these you can do on your own to achieve this aim. In order to speed up my computer there are a few processes and steps that you could follow.

If you want to know how to speed up my computer, you can first if all defragment your hard drive. You have to know that whenever your computer is storing data or information; it does it piece by piece. Therefore most of the pieces of information are stored in several locations. That is the information becomes fragmented. One has to therefore defragment the hard drive so that these pieces of information are brought back together in a single location. This will enable the computer to search for it faster thereby increasing its speed.

Another thing you could do in order to speed up my computer is to clear your registry. This should be done especially if you download files from the internet onto your computer. Mostly, some data is stored in temporary folders which may end up clogging your database thereby reducing its speed. The windows registry cleaner will eliminate all such entries in your system making it easier for the system to access other more important files. In the end you will be able to access and execute tasks faster than normal.

Moreover, in order to speed up my computer, take a look at the size of your memory. There is no doubt that a lot more memory goes a long way to speed up the system. When you install more programs on the computer it uses up more memory thereby slowing the computer down. The use of 128 MB RAM will not prove beneficial to you these days. For effective work processes go in for the 1 GB RAM which even though quite expensive is worth the price.

Yet still another option to speed up my computer is to run an anti-virus program. In this day and age, viruses can be transmitted through very simple means especially if you normally sue the internet. Therefore, you need to safeguard your system from such hazardous viruses. The presence of the viruses serves to gradually impair the performance of the computer. Go in for a strong anti-virus which will eliminate all the viruses and help speed up the computer.

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