Why is Your Computer Running Slow? – How to Stop Your Computer From Slowing Down and Freezing

Have you noticed that you are losing precious data on your computer? Is this due to your computer freezing? Is your computer running slow, if it is you can fix it.

The normal response when your computer hangs is to open the task manager. You press the keys Control-Alt-Delete and close the programs that are not responding. A number of people have this habit of simply switching the PC off without closing the programs properly. As a result, data is corrupted or lost in the process and this results in even more problems for your computer.

So how to do this properly is to click on the windows start menu, choose run and key in taskmgr. This will open the task manager. If the task manager does not show up then it simply means that you need to turn your computer off manually. Simply press the power off button and hold for at least 10 seconds. Remember that when often do this your PC will incur corrupted data.

You are opening the task manager to check if there are lots of programs running all at the same time. Too many programs consume a lot of memory causing the slow response of your PC. When this happens your computers performance is greatly affected..

The following tips you can use to speed up your PC and prevent data corruption occurring and stop your computer running slow.

1. Once your PC restarts check first all the applications that are being used. You can do this by checking the task manager. Simply follow the instructions mentioned above. In the applications tab of task manager you will see the programs that are running. You can also see the programs that are being loaded when your computer starts up.

If you see that there are programs that you do not need you can just disable or uninstall them. You can go to the start menu, then choose run and key in msconfig. When it opens click the startup tab and remove the programs that you do not need to automatically start. This procedure will free your computers memory.

2. You can reduce your computers registry size and get rid of registry errors that cause further data corruption and slow your PC even further. To do this simply use a registry cleaner. You need to run a registry scan to check your entire windows registry for any corrupted file or errors.

This procedure will help you detect errors or corruption and will provide a quick and permanent fix. It will also help you remove unnecessary entries that bloat your registry. This will definitely help your computers performance, avoid any freezing and hanging and stop your computer running slow.

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