Computer Networking

Brandon Douglas Bradshaw has studied IT and computer systems for many years and it have become his passion. In his studies she has discovered some very important foundational facts. Computer networks can be defined as an engineering discipline regarding the interaction between devices of computer and computer systems. Routing protocols, networking, routers and entire networking system over the internet services have their details defined in documents termed as RFCs (request for comments). Computer networking is also considered as a discipline of computer science, telecommunications, computer engineering and information technology. It deals with practical and theoretical applications of these engineering and scientific disciplines. There are three kinds of computer networks: 1. Internet 2. Intranet and 3. Extranet.

Generally a computer network is sets of various devices and computers that are associated to each other having capability to send or receive data. Here is the list of different kinds of computer networks that Brandon Douglas Bradshaw is experienced with:

* LAN (Local Area Network): this is a small network deals with local and small regional area. Like a computer network covering a building.* MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): This is medium size network deals with a city or state.*WAN (Wide Area Network): This is a bigger network deals with large geographic area.* WLAN