Why is My Computer So Slow – Five Things That You Can Do to Speed Up Your Computer Quickly

New computers run fast and as they get old they start to run slower because of five thing that affect and cause our computers speed to slow down leaving you wondering why is my computer so slow.

#1 It could be because there is not enough memory left in the system. You may increase you RAM to make sure that it runs smoothly, since this the computers main system memory and once it gets used up performance is affected. It is suggested to upgrade the RAM of your computer if you keep installing new programs to keep it running smoothly like it was new.

#2 Cleaning up your internet files on a regular basis because you internet browser may be bombarded with tons of temporary internet files that use up space. The temporary internet files are automatically stored in your computer when you visit many websites so remember to clean it all up regularly. You can do this with the windows disk cleanup program.

#3 You have unnecessary junk files stored on your hard drive. There are many programs that may be downloaded from the internet every time you use it, including games and other programs that you never use. You might need to get rid of some of these useless programs in your computer to conserve disk space. You can do this by removing all the programs and games you do not need.

#4 Securing your computer with a strong antivirus software to avoid your system from crashing due to some virus or malware that causes computer systems to slow down and crash. One way to detect if your computer might have caught a virus is when it becomes unusually slow. Install an antivirus software, update it and then run a full scan.

#5 You might need to clean and repair your windows registry because this is where all the settings and information on a windows based computer are being collected and stored. A registry cleaner will correct the errors and clean up the registry and get rid of anything that should not be in there. It will help you get rid of junk files, optimize your computer performance and fix the errors as well.

you can try these suggestions and I assure you, one way or another, one of these will definitely solve your problem with your slow computer and will stop you wondering why is my computer so slow.

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