Understanding Different Kinds of Computer Hardware

Different kinds of hardware have their different levels of importance, but before we delve into the types we need to first look at the term itself and understand what it means. Computer hardware simply put is the physical component of the computer. For you to be able to be reading this right now means that your computer has the physical components required for the software or programmes to work.

We will discuss briefly some of the different kinds of hardware that you will most commonly encounter such as:

o The Circuit Board or Mother Board: This is where the main processor of your computer is located and it is on this component that most other hardware feed off.

o The Hard drive: This is your computer store house, so in other words this is where the data that helps your computer to function properly are kept. Data that you generate as you use your computer are also stored here.

o The Cd/Dvd Drive: This is also another kind of storage facility that supports a different kind of data and storage type.

o The Cooling fan: This is often times located on the top of your mother board/circuit board, and just as the name suggests serves as a coolant. When your computer is on it generates heat just like the engine of your car and it is this cooling fan that is tasked with making sure the computer does not get over heated.

o The Memory Chip: This is yet again another part of your computer brain that handles information stores information needed for the proper functioning of your computer. This also supports the general speed of your computer…so a small memory means a slow computer.

o Keyboard