Downloading and Installing Computer Programs

Programs are important for the user to communicate with the computer. Thus, users need to install computer applications to make sure that the computer will work the way users need to. There are also computer programs or softwares that you can download from internet websites to help you in more specific and advanced tasks.

Many computer programmers create softwares or improve existing ones for users to purchase and download from the internet.

However, because of the proliferation of computer viruses that may harm the computer like deleting files, or crashing the system, users need to be careful in downloading and installing computer softwares.

It is therefore necessary that before you download or install a software into your computer, you will be able to assess if the program is going to harm your computer or not.

It is often difficult to assess the possibility of a computer application damaging your computer by mere description or advertisement provided by the computer programmer or program manufacturer. It is necessary that you make analyze before embarking on purchasing or downloading such softwares.

Things to consider before downloading or installing

Know what the computer can do for you and what it can do to your computer. Ask the manufacturer for information and detailed description of the computer program. The manufacturer may post this in its website or provide you with copy of a manual. You will need to know what other things the computer program can do to your computer other than the function that the manufacturer tells you or advertised it can do.

Check for reviews. The written description or information of the computer program may not be enough for you to assess the computer program properly. Thus, you will need to look for other individuals who might have used or tried it. Reviews posted on the internet may help you understand the program better and this is something that you need to look for before you download and install a new application.

Know the company or individuals who created or designed it. The computer program manufacturer should be accessible to the user. Ask for their email address, telephone number, address and the registered manufacturer of the software. You may check the company with the Better Business Bureau to know if they are legally operating as software manufacturer. You may also try contacting them through telephone or email. If the manufacturer is legitimate, you will easily get in touch with them and thus, when problems arise, you are sure you can reach the people responsible for the computer program.

Backup important files in your computer. Because you will be installing a new application. You will avoid the risk of loosing important files by doing a backup in a CD or USB. This is to make sure that should anything untoward happen; you will be able to retrieve your important files.

If the software is able to pass the rigid analysis above, download and install it after you have ensured that your anti-virus program is working properly.

You may have analyzed the new computer program but then being able to doubly protect your computer with anti-virus program is always necessary.

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