Wholesale Computer Parts – Get Your PC Fixed and a Good Bargain

If you are shopping for a new computer system, most branded computers today have really come down in the market yet still seem very expensive. It might seem puzzling or you might be sceptical as to why prices have dropped in certain manufacturing sectors that create PC parts of computers. The prices of a memory card have hit an all time low as improvements in technology has afforded manufacturing volumes of memory cheaper and more affordable to make a PC.

As well, the price of other assorted computer parts like audio cards and motherboards have also declined considerably. If you are a sceptic, rightly so. Bear in mind that a brand computer manufacturers are also in the industry to make profits and grow their business too. So even though we have seen a drop in the price of parts high-quality computers still remain high-priced.

Yet there are many ways, fortunately these days that you can still get a good computer system by tracking down specialized dealers who wholesale computer parts. Building their own computer and out sourcing equipment through wholesale computer parts, you might like a lot of people, think that these are in some way inferior to branded computers.

Personally, I use to believe that cheap parts manufactured used in wholesale computer was to get rid of their inferior overstock to innocent buyer like you and me. But, now my views have changed since my computer crash. When I brought my computer to be fixed to an authorized dealer I was quoted a price that was beyond anyone could reasonably afford; might as well buy a new computer. I had no other alternative other than to go to a local wholesale computer parts dealer out of desperation.

I was totally flabbergasted that this wholesale computer parts dealer had their own service department and I got a quote for repair at a fraction of the cost of the authorized dealers. You can imagine I was naturally curious to find out how could there be such a huge price difference so I sceptically surveyed the wholesale computer parts on their counter display. The dealer came out and showed to me a computer and the replacement parts needed to fix mine. They were exactly the same as my existing computer. He patiently took the time to put in plain words how the wholesale computer parts business works.

Computer parts manufacturers commonly make more parts than necessary by an order for a branded computer so that it guarantees an unexpected burst in demand or if any defective parts can be process quickly and efficiently. This is an in-built quality control measure put in place by the manufacturer. When a bulk order is purchased without recall or customer support problems, the surplus computer parts are then pass on to dealers and resellers for a enormous discounts and then these perfectly good quality computer parts are then sold for a lesser discount to users like you and me. So, check out wholesale computer part dealers and manufacturers to save time and money.

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