Free Tweaks to Speed Up Your Computer – Speed Up the Internet

Are you trying to get things done online; but you notice that your computer has a mind of its own? It keeps freezing up and crashing? Well it just means that your computer may have too much clutter on it and it needs attention. In this article we are going to provide some free tweaks to speed up computer so that you can speed up internet process.

First you may want to consider removing or uninstalling any programs or applications that are sitting on your computer and you have not used in sometime. Throughout the course of our computers life span; we all download different types of software and application programs that we feel that may be beneficial to us; however we never find ourselves using them more than once. Yet they sit on our computer dormant. This does affect our computers performance and can be easily solved by just taking the time to remove the unused applications and giving our computer more speed.

If you have any applications that you have not used in say six months time frame; chances are you will probably not be using them again. Well now it is time to remove them. So lets walk through the procedure.

Go to the “Start button” and then choose “my computer” when the screen appears on your computer you will want locate the one that says “remove add programs” choose that one. Okay now you will want to scroll down and choose the application that you want to remove. When you click on it; your computer is going to ask you if you are sure that you want to remove it; just click ok. Now you can sit back and wait until your computer goes through the process of removing it from your PC.

You may be asked to turn off your PC or restart it; but the computer will let you know what you need to do. Once it has went through the entire procedure that application should not be on your computer anymore and you may begin to notice that this is one of the free tweaks to speed up computer that may even speed up internet service.

Not fast enough; okay try speeding up Internet Explorer; if you are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer; then you should try cleaning out the temporary files. So we are going to want to open up Internet Explorer, click on “tools” then hit “Internet Options” A screen will appear and you will hit “delete files” once again you will be asked if you are sure and just confirm that you do want to continue.

Then sit back and let the computer do its thing. Once you finish these two free tweaks to speed up computer; you should notice a huge difference in the way your PC performs.

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