SEO – How to Select the Best Keywords For Your Website

The best SEO practice is to select the keywords that most closely match your business. There are several ways to do this to make the most out of your SEO on your website.

Why Keywords?

Search engines look for keywords that best describe the web page being indexed. They use groups of keywords when indexing a web page so that your website will come up when other people search for you. The first hing you should do before you build your website, is you need to find out what people are searching for and what words they are using. The best SEO practice is to set in stone a two word phrase, three-word phrase and a four-word phrase that you will use consistently to describe your service on your website.

Pick a Keyword tool

The most well known keyword tool is the Google Keyword tool. Almost any SEO “expert” will recommend it, however it has been giving inconsistent results recently, and over the course of several months you will not see the same results come out twice. The other alternatives are Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai and

Find all the keywords related to your niche.

You should put in as many terms in the search box as possible. You can use the following terms to find other keywords related to your industry;

* How to do…. * Lowest prices for…. * Reviews for… * Product names * Alternative products * Industry names. * Verbs related to your business * The location of your business * Allied industries, so “baby goods” might also be “homewares * How to, guide, help with, * Locations, make sure you include country, state, region and town * All words that are used to describe your industry specifically, it might be accounting, finance, tax. * Any activities associated with your industry such as excersizes, classes etc.

Select keywords that fit your business

For this we will use a case study: “Ablaze Recruitment – IT Jobs” We would search for words related to; IT Jobs, Ablaze, Recruitment Agencies, where to find recruitment agencies, IT Recruitment, Sydney Recruitment.

Export the data

Save the results to a spreadsheet, so the data is easy to manipulate. Go through the results and remove the keywords unrelated to your business, in this case Recruitment, or the content you are producing. The best SEO keywords are ones that are closest aligned to your business.

Select the top keywords

You then select the top 10 keywords based on monthly searches. Once you have your groups of keywords, try to use them as much as possible. This includes in links, as headings, as well as the content of the page. You should also consider using your keywords to build a blog.