SEO Services – The Basics You Should Look For

There are many ways to introduce SEO services to your website. Seo services are there to increase the visibility of your site with regards to online presence. There are many types of SEO services, some if not all can be carried out yourself but unfortunately SEO takes time and can be a very delicate matter.

So what types of SEO services are there. Well the first and most important part of any seo service is to analyze what you already have. By this I mean a complete review of your site needs to be conducted. Where do you currently rank, what is your linking structure like, does your site have any anomalies that are going to hamper seo services.

The next seo step is to create keyword rich content and to ensure you page HTML is fitted with the most relevant keywords for your sites content. Your title and h tags all need to contain the type of keywords you are targeting. This is a crucial part of any seo service and should not be overlooked.

The second step that is just as important is creating relevant links to your site. The links you create need to relevant to your site content and preferably, from sites with high pagerank. If your site has never been optimised then it is important to submit it to as many directories as possible. These will be you starting high PR links. You could then move on the article marketing as part of your seo service but ensure that any articles you write are relevant to the keyword you are targeting.

Another important aspect of seo service is to look for link partners. These are webmasters who publish information that is relevant to your site. These webmasters will be able to provide you with a link in exchange for one of theirs. These links are not as powerful as one way links to your site and I would recommend not exceeding five on any of your site pages. The reason why reciprocal links can be damaging is because some of the major search engines may consider them to be paid exchanges between webmaster which is against search engine guidelines.

The final step of seo service is to analyse your traffic and tweak optimisation where needed. You will need to see what your traffic sources are and how each source behaves with your site. This will help you to tweak your optimisation methods and bring more profitable prospects to your site.

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