The Zip Manager Managing Things for EasyNews

The browser of EasyNews is something which you can access quite easily. This is the reason you can find just anything and everything on Easy News. The mechanism is so smart that it even gives you the leverage to download all essential pre assembled files all together. This however is made possible by the use of the zip manage feature. The working procedure of zip manager is same as that of the shopping chart websites. Here you can simply search for the kind of files you need. You just need to select the item you require and then click on the zip button usually located either on the top or at the lower end of the page.

Once you do this the zip file of the EasyNews mechanism opens at once and a new window comes before you where you find the files zipped together into a single zip file. Such a file comes with 2 GB capacity and it can hold up to 5000 data. At times it may so happen that you cannot remember what you have included in the file and you are afraid that you have missed something. However, the zip manager will allow you to have a look inside the file and make rectifications if necessary.

While navigating the Zip Manger of the EasyNews newsgroup provider if you feel that there are some files which are absolutely unnecessary then you can remove those files at once directly from the screen. This saves the mechanism from becoming unnecessarily heavy with unwanted stuffs. After you have complete the downloading you would also get to make use of popular file type generators which can help you more in the process. This is a wonder technicality and consists of a playlist generator (M3U), a CSV and SFV maker, NZB generator as well as a ReadMe generator. These are superior features which make the zip manager of Easy News so highly accessible.