Home Computer Security

Home computers are a favorite target for intruders. This is because home computers are normally not very secure and are easy to attack. With high speed Internet connection, intruders can quickly find and then attack computers. Home computer security takes top priority in this context. There are several methods to secure your home computer.

Installing and using anti-virus programs is a means to protect home computers. The anti-virus program normally provides several options on how to respond, such as removing the offending patterns or destroying the file. It is advisable to keep your system patched.

Email viruses and worms are common problems. Therefore, users should be careful when reading email. A firewall program can secure your home computer. On a computer, the firewall acts as a guard, keeps the unwanted out and permits only the appropriate to enter. Backups of important files and folders must be maintained. Strong passwords must be used not only on a home computer, but also for services utilized elsewhere on the Internet. Each password should be unique and dissimilar to all other passwords. A file encryption program to access controls for very sensitive files is ideal. Those working on laptop computers should consider purchasing a commercial file encryption program.

A number of devices are used in home computer security. Computer security cables are very effective in preventing computer losses. Secure casing options are less attractive but more secure than steel cables. Audible alarms can be affixed either inside your computer or outside, and when disturbed they produce a loud siren. Disk drive locks protect drives from misuse. There are marking systems in which the computer equipment is marked with an identity mark, such as a postcode. The marking can be in different ways, in the form of tabs that are fixed with a strong epoxy adhesive or by an etching compound.

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