Maintenance Management Schools

Maintenance Management Schools train professionals for various management positions in maintaining grounds in parks and recreation facilities, schools, hospitals, aviation, software, and more. Students can choose from many schools that specialize in various areas of managing maintenance, and can choose two-year associate degrees, four-year bachelor degrees, or certificates in maintenance management. Some schools streamline courses of study that shorten the time it takes to become employed with a specialty.

Curriculums will focus on the particular program a student chooses to study. Perhaps the largest field of maintenance management is in the filed of aviation maintenance management. Aviation Maintenance Management Schools train in the complex field of managing the maintenance of military, commercial, and private aircraft. Curriculums for degrees in aviation maintenance management provide a foundation in all disciplines of management: business, human resources, production, and strategic management.

Parks and recreation facilities management will focus on comprehensive instruction for maintenance management parks, recreation, and conservation personnel who manage programs of park and recreation maintenance.

School maintenance management programs focus on planning actions to be taken; inspections and maintenance of grounds and buildings; maintenance of multi-facility schools; assets, labor, and equipment management; and managing costs. Maintenance management students can learn to track and manage specific data with regard to safety, capital expansion projects, and information for making reports to districts, school boards states, and for assisting in administrative improvement initiatives.

Maintenance Management Schools that teach software maintenance management programs provide studies of basic systems for management of software for creating and tracking repair and preventive maintenance, work orders, and equipment. Personnel maintenance management programs features tracking employees from their date of hire to the date of termination. Safety maintenance management tracks inspections and sets up programs for keeping records and schedules for future inspections and maintenance.

Associate, bachelor, and master degree programs are available in maintenance management. Graduate seminars are available, as well, and are intended for graduates of the Maintenance Management Schools. These seminars are intensive learning experiences that address issues of managing people and systems in specialized environments.

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