Affiliate blog marketing

What is affiliate blog marketing? Well it is when you have blogs based off affiliate programs/products you have signed up for. Usually your blog would be based on the market/product in which you are affiliated with. You would have no ties to the affiliate or in any way make any guarantees about the affiliate but your job is directing traffic to the affiliate. If you are going to participate in affiliate marketing I do think you should use a product or program that you are comfortable with and also that you yourself believe in. The thing you must know about being a salesman is if you don¡¯t believe in the product you won¡¯t get anyone else to believe in it either. Being a blogger participating in affiliate blog marketing makes you a salesman. You are a creative salesman whose job is not to box products up, register products or even test products. Your job is to direct traffic to the product. This is why promoting a product you believe in is important. If I¡¯m going to choose a affiliate I¡¯m going to look for one that other bloggers like me are able to sell, as well one that I believe works and or tried out myself and know works. I don¡¯t want customers to blame me if the product doesn¡¯t do what it says that it can so this is why I would have to believe in it. I also don¡¯t want to waste my time in a market where there is not money so I do want to see if others have success. There is a saying ¡°if others are making money, you too can make money¡±. For example if a market is making only $100,000 a year with several people in that market you¡¯re not going to make much money are you? But if you join a billion dollar market well even the smallest percentage can turn out well for you. So when picking an affiliate you want to make sure that affiliate is making money. How do you check to see how well an affiliate company is doing? is a great place where you can type in a web address and you will be able to see about how much traffic is directed to that site each month. If they are seeing high volumes of traffic usually this means they are making money. Another thing you want to do is check if other affiliate marketers such as yourself is making money. Usually on affiliate program sites they will have this stat available letting you know if a product is hard or easy to sell. And this is affiliate blog marketing. Before creating a blog if you wish to go into this business I would recommend checking out what market is making money, and how much money its affiliate marketers are making then creating your blog site. The beauty in affiliate blog marketing is that when you are directing traffic to other sites for every sale you are getting commission. Some programs allow you to make money per click. Companies do this because usually they have a product that sells its self all they need is the visitor. Most programs will pay you more than the actual company will make. It¡¯s usually 50% or higher in commission off the sale of the item. Why would they pay you more than they are going to make per sale? Well they use this tactic to get more affiliates to direct them traffic. This is why you want to choose a product/program where other marketers are making money remember ¡°where others are making money you too can make money¡±. The more traffic the more sales so by giving each individual more they actually make more because they drive in more traffic. BLOG MARKETING AFFILATES marketing on blogs marketing blog affiliates