SEO Guide For Beginners: Part-1

With this article I am starting the SEO guide, which is dedicated specially to beginners, who have recently started a blog or website either for their business or to make money online. I will cover all the SEO aspects the so called SEO Expert use to rank higher in search engines.

What is SEO?

Let me start with short introduction of What SEO is all about. As the name suggest, SEO means search engine optimization. It involves optimizing your website to rank well for particular search keyword or phrase in Google like major search engines.

Why SEO Is important?

If I need to answer this question in single word, it will be the “Competition”. The main source of website traffic is from search engines. If you are not being listed in search engine, people can not find you or your website because they do not know your website address. Hence it is required to optimize your website and target it for particular keywords. It will help your visitors to find you easily in search engine result pages.

What are the main parts of SEO?

There are only two main parts of SEO, one is On-Page SEO and another is Off-Page SEO.? On-page SEO is what you can directly do on your web page and the Off-Page SEO is what you do on other websites to build backlinks and improve value of your website on Internet.

On-Page SEO Involves:Keyword optimization.Title, Meta description and content.Content optimization for targeted keywords.Off-Page SEO Involves:Link Building Strategies.Social Media Marketing Strategies.Each topic in On-page and Off-page SEO may include many different strategies. For example only Link Building can be done in many ways like…Article Marketing.Blog Commenting.Forum Posting.Reciprocal Linking, Purchasing backlinks.There are main type of SEO strategies are White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Strategies. White hat SEO is the way to optimize your website in genuine and ethical and natural way, while in Black hat SEO few or all techniques are used to play with search engine algorithms and try to fool them.

Black hat can some time give you amazing result, but they are totally wrong thing to do and will soon make your website blacklisted from all major search engines. Hence I will cover only white hat SEO techniques in this article series or SEO guide for beginners. In next article I will start with On Page SEO Strategies.

Hope you liked this very first article of “SEO Guide For Beginners” series. You can stay tuned to this series or learn current SEO strategies with me at SEO Explain and online business at Make Money Online.