Big Bad Guide to Computer Components

Here is a general guide on the components of the computer, what they do, and what usually happens when they get damaged/malfunction.

Computer Case:

This is probably what 75% of the people in the world with a computer only see. They most likely never open this thing up and actually see what makes their computer work. There are several different sizes of computer cases. The main two however are Mid-Tower and Tower. Tower being around twice the size of a Mid-Tower and able to pack a lot more stuff into it. There are also “portable” cases that just look like big blocks.

A computer case can have several different uses depending on the quality of the manufacturer and the design. A few things it is used for are:

Protecting your hardware!

Cooling your hardware!

Providing easy access to your motherboard and other components, such as the back of the computer with all those nifty plugs and holes? Yeah when you plug something in back there it hooks up to either the motherboard or components such as graphics cards, sound cards, etc.

So the computer cases main function is basically to ensure that your hardware does not get damaged, and makes it easy for people who do not know much about computers to easy hook all the components up and make it run.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)-

Probably one of the most important parts of your computer (well they are all important) and provides power to your motherboard, graphics card, and everything else that needs power in your case. Most people only know the power supply as the thing you plug the cord in to get power from a socket to the computer. They also have a nifty fan next to the plug!

Low quality power supplies often come with a case, however you can always upgrade to a higher quality brand such as Corsair or PCP