The sulfur market slows down the steps after the High-end shocks

Last weekend, volatile oil market since its impact by domestic large foundation chemical products more volatile situation, more products movements slowing appear even aggravate the potential for performance, dropped the sulfur market continue to rise amid the emergent resistance, chemical fertilizer enterprises of China face downstream main intent marked slowdown picking up high, although still some chemical enterprise on-demand procurement, thrusting high gradually become reality, but already than the previous volume.

Market turnover slips, crude oil dropped sharply in just a fuse, contact a few weeks before the purchase quantity view, downstream factories more expanded appropriate preparation, as prices, under pressure, the cost for businesses to accept high, only individual at the small chemical enterprise without inventory to maintain normal production and on-demand procurement; There is little lies in the main chemical fertilizer market, although businessman confidence for off-season export, but this year the fertilizer, and benchmark lower export tax is uncertain whether around the benchmark, the more likely, this will contain compressed export earnings, with phosphate rock, coal, natural gas and electricity price cost rise, fertilizer enterprises for sulfur accept strength is limited, sulfur continue to rise space is further compression.

Of course the international market trend strong contact in domestic ports gradually declining period and inventory, reference limited supplies of late June last year, plus situation gradually ascending upcoming fertilizer off-season export market, market bullish enthusiasm is still strong, ports on the grocers to rise significantly, even rised appears short slowing phenomenon, but market clinch a deal price high-end difficult check mainstream trade. So overall, according to rely on imports of sulfur market, mainly in demand expected under fair and outside dish, a high-end continue to demand slowing to check up enthusiasm, but market considering fertilizer off-season export earnings point, as an important raw material sulphur markets continue to sharply increased, suggest businessman resistance caution see many, investment short term primarily.

Far from pyrite mine inland and coastal areas, because the new vitriol plant construction investment is lower and save raw material transportation cost, use of sulfur as raw material to produce acid have more advantages. For existing pyrite in acid plant modification for improving acid, should be considered seriously. Although at present the sulfur lower prices, some far away from pyrite mine areas use sulphur than using the pyrite cheap, but must consider the international market may be changed, the possibility of sulphur prices are rising. For these vitriolic factory, in the original equipment mixed burn sulfur is relatively appropriate. Although the efficiency of mixed burn of sulfur as improving heat high, but can avoid brimstone caused by price increases the risk. For existing pyrite in acid plant modification of improving heat, should be treated cautiously. After equipment modification, although can raise output and productivity, but need to assume the sulphur prices may produce risk.

Over the past two years, due to the low prices, affects the sulfur pyrite market, many pyrite mine economic decline. In order to guarantee the sulfur resources continuous supply, on the one hand, mine needs to take measures to reduce costs, facing with low sulfur competition, survival, on the other hand also need to relevant departments in policies, such as certain to give preferential tax cuts permanent, fostering of pyrite mine collapse, avoid to loss of pyrite production capacity and.

Chinese chemical mining association in China in recent years to import a lot of sulfur, the serious influence pyrite mine production raised strong protest. And that this trend as continues, many pyrite equipment must seal, these devices such as to enable needs to pay lots of money and time, its ultimate consequences is: in the future, China only rely on imports of sulfur can satisfy domestic demand.

According to the statistics in 1999 1-5 month, guangdong yunfu pyrite mine has lost 50% customers, and 1998 compared to the sales and production of the pyrite reduced 10 tons and respectively; 15 million tons Tongling, anhui chemical group belong to 30% of xinqiao pyrite mine from customers, sales lost 240,000 tons drop to 120,000 tons, reduce yield 8 million tons; JiangXiTong smelting company pyrite dropped substantially, as high as 60 tons of pyrite inventory; Hebei xingtai Hengyuang vulcanization XuePin company has lost all customers, forced mines shut down.