B2B marketing how can it become more social?

B2B marketers are now massively involved in social media marketing. A recent research by Forrester shows that B2B firms are likely to spend over 50 million USD in 2014, as against less than $12 million spent in 2009. Sadly, a good number of those efforts are merely methodical with little or no full grasp of how social media marketing works.The majority of the B2B marketers on social media marketing appear to concentrate more on message distribution they tweet and post Facebook links particularly to the content they created, rather than coming to the level of engaging with prospects on a human basis. This is merely a one-way communication profile and it does not provoke sharing as well as discussions. Thus, B2B marketers need to concentrate more on the social aspect than the marketing; this is the only way they can maximize returns on social medial marketing. Here are valuable tips:Your Topic Should Point to What You Stand ForIt is very important to be outright with words and language that highlight your major areas of specialization. You should also do this when participating on conversations taking place within your target community. Social networking content and blogs that are topically fragmented weaken the ability of a company to be exceptional among the different voices on social media platforms, and also the competition in search engine ranking. Thus, you need an approach that spells out content/editorial plans, goals, social keyword glossaries, as well as customer personas. Using a content marketing strategy, you will be able to spell out the areas of interest for your company, its policies and the medium to relate the main messages. It would also add flavor to social network conversations as well as engagements. In essence, you would have a guide on how to comment, what you should not comment on, who to connect or not connect with, suitable words for blog posts, tweets and tags. Remember that the number-one essence of social media is to &friend* and socialize, so be tactful with promotional words, messages or posts. Also, use keywords that are directly or indirectly related with your topic when publishing content on social media platforms. Ultimately, your promotion efforts and content creation should be targeted at linking and sharing, based on keywords and topics most relevant to your brand, and also inspiring discussion. The top benefit is that your target audience would perceive your brand positively each time they are looking out for topics on your brands either online or offline. Your Plan Should Target at WinningMost B2B marketers do not exhaust the possible resources for result-oriented social media participation. What they do often is to work with pre-structured best practices checklist given by some persons that professed to be social media pros this is not a good way to engage a community. An obvious error I have observed with B2B marketers is that their social media profile is usually constructed in a common way. They also tend to focus on Twitter and LinkedIn in their publishing and do not even research these channels sufficiently. The best result awaits B2B marketers who embrace the right approach to social media marketing.