Solving the five coup campus computer management difficult issues – the campus computer, management

Information technology on campus today had not had a Audio visual Room two 30 machines a buttoned wide era of electronic education teacher With Digital The constant level of depth number of machines in schools more and more PC Increasingly wide range of applications more and more school room this case PC application management tasks become increasingly complex and varied but most schools of professional knowledge lack of professional management are faced with the campus PC Management of the difficult reality So for this problem we have no good way to address them br br Answer is yes Careful analysis of the current management of the campus PC essence nothing more than a centralized management As a Expert Pointed out the current management of PC on campus has managed the transition from the previous stand alone now to the whole network as a focal point of management Only a unified management in order to improve the efficiency of PC management Only PC management efficiency in order to reduce the maintenance of the school network capacity easy management to allow students to access at any time to enjoy efficient and convenient to borrow books canteen card and other campus life also make more on the overall management of the school floor to ensure that digital teaching and daily management of the orderly br br With the above understanding we can concentrate on solving the campus for the centralized management of the difficult problem of PC management Here I combine some of the practical experience of the campus as we sum up the solution of the difficulty of the five campus PC management coup we want to have reference br br First move selected terminals intelligent management br Advance preparation of its profits When purchasing a machine choose the characteristics of schools if these machines have security and stability a small fault not afraid of poisoning can the characteristics of network management will greatly facilitate the overall management br br Second measure the quot central quot focus simplify management br Traditional PC management and often require administrators to manually configure some machines if our room configuration a powerful Server With a quot central quot management computer can be observed throughout the state of the computer network for all computers Software Installation can be centralized and unified management which can simplify management br br Third measure select the appropriate software and efficient management br All the machines on campus centralized software deployment or upgrade there are individual stand alone transmission often occurs halfway broken At this point if we are related to install the machines quot HTTP quot software or some transmission speed of the software regardless of any problems restart the system can achieve data breakpoint This centralized management becomes very efficient br br Fourth trick periodic testing stable management br Regular tests on all machines especially the central server Timely detection of problems ensure stable management br br Fifth trick With the external force service management br Sometimes we may have good service capabilities with a number of manufacturers make them appear more professional in a timely manner to help solve the problem This is also regarded as a way to improve management efficiency Package to solve management problems br br Solutions Five major coup with this I would like the campus is bound to PC management problems solved Of course if clients wish to address the above five major coup given a package management solution to make you worry here I recommend to you Hewlett Packard Education machine br br HP users for the education industry centralized management rapid deployment energy saving and environmental protection needs a comprehensive set of effective solutions the most critical is the development of a new HP machine HPCompaqdx2310 education and dx2355 these two education machine with intelligent simple safe and many other features