Roles of different types of managers in a wholesale company

Small general stores are managed by just one person who is often the proprietor, but managing a big retail store and warehouse is not a one-man job. Usually many different types of managers are needed to look after different aspects of the business. These managers have different roles to play and different goals to achieve and if any of these managers is not doing his job properly, all departments will suffer. Therefore, it is important for all managers working in a retail or wholesale business, to understand their roles and responsibilities, so that the entire system can run in a smooth manner. There are several types of managers but we¡¯ll discuss only the basic ones. You don¡¯t always need to employ different managers for all of these jobs and just one person can take on more than one role.

Sales manager:A sales manager at a retail or wholesale business will manage the sales force. The sales manager will normally assume responsibility for everything related to marketing, sales and distribution; however some businesses have different departments handling the marketing side. Needless to say, sales manager¡¯s job is quite vital since sales and revenue is the sustenance for any business including wholesale. Sales manager takes care of everything from sales planning to implementation, and reporting. Store Manager:In wholesale or retail stores, store manager is in charge of all sorts of things from handling the employers to managing inventories. Store manager will take care of the tasks like creating new orders, receiving wholesale supplies, keeping records of the inventory, sales, or theft prevention measures. In short, a wholesale store manager is in control of each and everything that¡¯s going on in the store related to staff, suppliers, inventory, sales, or returns. The most important job of a store manager is to manage the merchandise and devise strategies to handle the demand. The store manager will also need to manage the display section. Customer Service Manager:Customer service is vital for all businesses. If you are a supplier who deals only with a few customers, you don¡¯t really need a separate department or manager for that matter. However, if you are running a large wholesale or a retail business that¡¯s supposed to have a large number of customers, there must be a customer service manager who oversees and train the employee for desirable standards of customer service, and because customer service staff gets to deal strictly with customers, a customer service manager must train the staff to gauge further opportunities when communicating with customers.