5 Tips To Effective Workforce Performance Management

Tip #1:

Calibrate Performance Ratings Across The Organization

Ratings Distribution Management (RDM), also called ratings calibration, provides the ability to calibrate ratings to ensure that the dissemination of performance scores is more consistent across an organization. In a typical diverse, global organization, performance rating scales differ from division to division. RDM ensures that employees are rated consistently and fairly across the entire organization, and as a result, incentives and rewards can be applied more appropriately. RDM also eliminates the age-old problem of managers rating all of their direct employees as 4s or 5s on a five-point scale (often to get a bigger chunk of the bonus pool). It ¡°forces¡± managers to make oftentimes difficult decisions about the performance of their directs. The resulting ratings calibration typically resembles a bell curve (e.g., few 1s