Key elements of the complex web marketing

Internet Marketing – the practice of all aspects of traditional marketing on the Internet, affecting the basic elements of the marketing mix: price, product, place and promotion sales. The main objective – getting the most out of a potential audience of the site.

Commodity (Product) – what you are selling via the Internet should have a decent quality. He not only competes with other sites, but also traditional stores.

Price (Price) – assumed that the price on the Internet lower than in stores due to cost savings. Monitor prices and compare them with competitors on a regular basis.

Promotion (Promotion) – a package of measures to promote the site as well as goods in the whole network. Includes a huge arsenal of tools (search engine optimization, contextual advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, marketing affiliativny, viral marketing, hidden marketing, interactive advertising, blogging, etc.).

Place of sales (Place) – point of sales, that is the site. Plays a vital role as graphic design and usability of the site, and the quality of processing applications from the site . Just pay attention to the speed of loading, working with payment systems, delivery terms, work with clients before, during and after the sale.

Internet marketing is a component of electronic commerce. It is also called online-marketing. It may include such parts as Internet integration , information management, PR , Customer Service and Sales. E-commerce and Internet marketing have become popular with the expansion of Internet access and are an integral part of any normal marketing campaign. Segment of Internet marketing and advertising is growing in the consumer sector, as evidenced by the appearance of every day new online stores , and in the market B2B . The main advantages of internet marketing are interactivity, the possibility of the most accurate targeting, the ability to postklik analysis, which leads to the maximization of the indicators such as conversion of the site and ROI of online advertising. Internet marketing includes such elements as the system:

* media advertising * Contextual Advertising * search engine marketing in general, and SEO in particular * Progress in social networks: SMO and SMM * direct marketing with the use of Email , RSS , etc. * Viral Marketing * guerrilla marketing

Internet marketing is associated with several business models . Basic models: business to business ( B2B ) and business-to-consumer ( B2C ). B2B consists of companies that do business with each other, whereas B2C involves selling directly to the final consumer. First, a model B2C. B2B scheme is more complex and began to operate later. A third, more rare model that – “user-user” ( P2P ), where regular Internet users are interchanged and sell to each other. Some examples could include international auction eBay or file-sharing system Kazaa .