Internet Marketing For New Businesses

Marketing your new SME online on a tight budget can be demanding. This article aims to provide an Internet Marketing overview for the small business start-up.

Push/PullPush marketing is usually untargeted and is usually traditional advertising such as adverts in the city, on notice boards, on the bus on your way to work. Research shows that consumers are generally becoming immune to this type of marketing. The alternative to push marketing is pull marketing. This is marketing that people actually want. It is directed at a specific target market. The consumer is already looking for what the marketing is offering so are much more likely to buy.

Social Media MarketingThis is a phenomenom of Viral Marketing. Word of mouth on the internet causing exponential growth of your marketing message. The aim is to build trust and a dialogue between business and consumer or business and business. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo and MySpace are popular social media networking websites that can be useful to spread the word about your new product or service. As a small business owner with a tiny marketing budget you need to spend as little as possible on the right kind of marketing. Marketing that will be efficient. Research shows that push marketing is less efficient than pull marketing in various sectors.

Costs of Pull MarketingEven if you hire an Internet Marketing consultant the costs of Pull Marketing are relatively low. If done properly your time will be maximised so that you are free to run the rest of your business.

Give it a goMany older business may be set it your ways and still believe that all of your marketing efforts should be traditional based. As a young, dynamic business you should be innovating and thinking of the future. So try a test run Internet Marketing campaign and Traditional marketing campaign and review the results. You may decide to run a traditional campaign and internet campaign side by side. There is nothing wrong with doing this, in fact it may be the right campaign for your business. So long as you are getting the expected return on investment. There is no hard and fast rule. The end goal should be to find your target market and get your message across to them and I believe that your target market is likely to be online looking for a product or service like yours.