Bridging The Gap: e-Financial Management Launches Its Financial ‘Diagnostic Due Diligence’ Service

e-FM has just launched an in-depth financial director diagnostic/ due diligence review for non execs and funders on target companies. This comprehensive investigation provides a fully detailed report on all major financial aspects of the company, and will supply potential investors, funders and non-execs with information that will enable the validation of financial claims made by management of the businesses, and reveal potential pitfalls or missed opportunities of proposed plans.

The final report will include a list of key findings and valid recommendations, as well as a detailed conclusion with a financial analysis and its impact on the company. A transition plan can also be proposed to enable the target company to implement some or all of the recommendations over an interim period.

This service is already generating interest in the Private Equity/Venture Capital market. Over the last few months, the economy has witnessed a significant increase in global corporate deal volumes, with private equity deals involving consolidation in the Manufacturing and Health sectors, divestiture of downstream assets in the energy sector, mega mergers and divestiture of non-core assets in infrastructure and technology. Admittedly, there is a widening gap in the health sector left by a combination of factors- including government policy on healthcare and an aversion of the more typical VC to invest in high risk businesses, which corporate backed VCs and strategic investors are now bridging, according to research by EP vantage.

Many analysts predict that this year will be a strong one for M