Freehold Block Management Services

If you are a landlord and you own or manage several blocks of flats or apartments, it can be hard work to ensure they all run smoothly. Maintaining large properties can be a huge job, particularly in view of the increasing property services legislation which seems to be renewed and changed every year. You could well end up working all the hours of the day just to keep things ticking along. Another option which could remove a lot of stress from your life and make sure that your properties remain in great order is to enlist the help of a property block management company.There are a number of these block management companies operating in the UK and they have proven to be very popular with landlords all over the nation, who simply do not have the time to manage freeholds on their premises as effectively as they would like. A professional freehold property management agent can take care of property services and management duties for you so you can either work on expanding your property portfolio or enjoy the freedom this gives you in other ways. These companies can take care of everything from noisy neighbour issues, ground rent collection and service charges to insurance requirements. So why not consider the many advantages today ? The potential benefits are clear to see and the costs are normally recoverable form the leaseholders.A word of advice however. You should seek out firms that are properly regulated, employing suitably qualified staff.The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and ARMA are the two main regulatory bodies in the UK. Firms Regulated by RICS such as VFM Property Management are required to meet more stringent standards and should therefore guarantee a better level of service. Compliance with the RICS Service Charges Residential Management Code is key and should be a minimum requirement in your search criteria. The management of freehold estates and residential blocks of flats can become involved and time consuming. The services required cover a wide scope and a number of areas of different areas of expertise including :-Property Maintenance and Repairs, Leaseholder Enquiries, Financial Control, Expenditure, Budgeting, Service Charge