Online- The best way to marketing

Marketing is a process by which strategies are made to attract the customers towards the product. There are several ways and styles of marketing that exist in the market. Marketing is done to enhance the product value and to create a position in the market. Types of marketing are direct marketing and indirect marketing. Directing marketing is a method by which seller and the buyer interact and there is face to face communication or direct communication between them. But in indirect marketing there is an intermediary or an agent between a buyer and a seller, that intermediary or agents help the seller to promote the sale of a product indirectly. The categories of marketing are national marketing and international marketing. Marketing also helps to promote the name of a firm or organization.

Online marketing is the best and most smart way to do marketing. There are many companies is this world that mostly rely on the online marketing as a source of income.

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Online marketing is the convenient way of marketing because at a particular point of time several activities can be conducted simultaneously.

Online marketing has really changed the life of a human being. This is one of the modernized way to do the marketing and it is also liked by all.