International marketing and sales ensure success and stability of all companies and are growth drivers for small and medium sized firms

Seekirch/Germany, 12/06/2010

With its about 500 million inhabitants in more than 40 countries Europe is relatively small looking at the world as such. Therefore German/European companies ¨C of all sizes ¨C look into the remaining world¡¯s markets to have a broader base for themselves as well as to become more stable ¡­ and to grow steadily. This is true for every company, anywhere, also in order to be more independent from local economic cycles.

It¡¯s economic strength, however, makes Europe one of the leading places in the world.

In order, however, to become successful on foreign markets, especially also in Europe, every company needs a meaningful marketing plan which can be used as a schedule to manage everything relating to marketing and sales and even the whole company.

A ?living¡® marketing plan furthermore enables the suitable management of all divisions of a company, the choice of alternative ways if the first choice doesn¡¯t work as smoothly as expected, and thereby a permanent adaptation of the whole company or individual activities towards the market/s is possible.

To be in a position to quickly analyze individual fields and at the same time lay a basis for a future marketing plan the ?marketing control loop¡® (more detailed here